Coping with Grief

A natural, yet painful response to loss

You don't have to face grief alone

The loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience that can leave us feeling alone, isolated and hopeless. Have you found yourself asking, "Does anyone understand the pain I feel right now?"

Grief Share Support Groups will provide you with the skills and tools in a setting of caring people to help you find hope for the future, and turn your mourning to joy.

Click on the Grief Share photo to your right for a list of current classes.


What do I do now?

Loss and trauma have a way of paralyzing our thoughts and emotions. Adrenaline can often get us through the initial moments, but eventually reality kicks in.

AARP has an excellent site for answering some basic next steps with extensive links. Topics include a checklist to walk one through the different steps from funeral planning to executing an estate; the role of social media; and walking through your own personal grief.